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For questions about EVA SKY SHOP, contact:

Operating Hours: Mon ~ Fri 9:00AM~12:00PM ,2:00~5:00PM
Customer Service Hotline: (886)3-351-5936
Office Fax : +886-3-3510018
  • Q1: Any specific advance reservation time and flight for online advanced reservation of products?

    For passengers on all international flights of EVA/UNI Air from Taoyuan, Taipei and Kaohsiung Airports, you may preorder starting from 24 hours to 15 days before departure. For flights from Europe, North America, Australia and Bangkok to Taiwan, you may preorder starting from 72 hours to 15 days before departure. For all other flights not specified above, passengers may preorder starting from 48 hours to 15 days before departure. The preorder service of code-share flights are subject to system availability.

  • Q2: Any difference between Preordering payment and regular in-flight duty free?

    To provide advance ordering of duty-free goods, we’ll provide online credit card service system. Credit card limit will follow regulations of respective card issuing banks.

  • Q3: Any restrictions for credit card payment?


  • Q4: Any quantity restrictions for product reservation?

    Due to limited loading space and limited supply in flight, this company will set limitations on supply of each product according to circumstances. The flight attendants will deliver the online reserved duty-free products to you and collect payment.

  • Q5: Can we make online reservation of products without reservation or only on standby?

    Online reservation of products is not allowed if you have not made reservation and confirmed reservation due to unconfirmed schedule.

  • Q6: Any discount for reservation of duty-free products?

    Internet reservation service would regularly debut discount for reservation of duty-free products.

  • Q7: Why reservation orders cannot be deleted?

    Reservation orders intended to be revised have exceeded the stipulated reservation time.

  • Q8: Are duty-free products available for reservation via telephone or in flight?

    Presently duty-free products reservation service is limited to online reservation only.

  • Q9: Any difference in payment in flight with the online reservation price?

    Price of reservation duty-free products could differ due to change in price, currency and discount or promotion. Actual price will be at delivery in flight. And changes in price will not be notified separately.

  • Q10: Can group passengers make product reservation?

    Group passengers should first check your reservation number (with English name already input) with the reservation and ticketing travel agency before login.

  • Q11: Any restrictions for advanced flight reservation?

    All flights of EVA Air and Uni Air departing or arriving at Taoyuan Airport accept online reservation within the specified time. The preorder service of code-share flights are subject to system availability.

  • Q12: Is it possible to miss the purchase order even finished the preorder on-line?

    1.If your flight schedule or cabin class changes, your original preorder will be cancelled automatically. Please place a new preorder before the deadline at your convenience. 2.We apologize if for unforeseen reasons such as flight disruption, aircraft rotation and operational requirements etc may hamper the availability of preordered items on board your flight.

  • Q13: In the event I changed my flight schedule or class of flight, will the placed order be automatically cancelled or will it be transferred to the new flight?

    If your flight schedule or class of flight changed, your order may be cancelled due to flight booking or other flight operation factors. You are advised to check whether the order has been cancelled or not, and reorder again within the advance ordering time.

  • Q14: Why can’t I order additional goods after completion of advance ordering?

    Current operation requires you to delete the original order and then reorder.

  • Q15: Why ordering is unavailable after obtaining the Booking Reference Number (for group passengers)?

    Group passengers made reservations via the travel service agency, you’re advised to check with your travel service agency to ensure your name has been included in the reservation list.

  • Q16: What should I do if I want to return certain goods after completion of advance ordering and goods pickup?

    You’re requested to complete the order on the plane and please contact Product-related Customer Service to do the partially returns after deplaning.

  • Q17: Upon completion of advance ordering but I no longer want the goods ordered, what should I do if the order has exceeded the advance ordering time and cannot be deleted?

    Upon goods pickup on the plane, please tell the flight attendant you do not want the ordered goods. The flight attendant would accept order cancellation without payment.

  • Q18: Any limitation for on-line shopping?

    The online preorder payment system accepts credit card payments in NT and US dollars only. According to Financial Supervisory Commission regulations, credit cards issued by Taiwanese banks should pay in NT dollars, as should American Express credit cards issued outside Taiwan. We do not accept Diners Card for pre-order purchases.

  • Q19: How to use mileage to deduct the payment in pre-order channel?

    1.You have to sign in with Infinity MileageLands memberships if you would like to use mileage to deduct your pre-order payment. 2.Member can choose either “Self Mileage” or “Transferred Mileage” account to deduct your pre-order payment. 3.Products with “Credit Card Only” icon are not applicable mileage redemption. 4.The purchase miles cannot be used in deducting your pre-order payment.

  • Q20: What’s the minimum mileages for deducting part of pre-order payment?

    The minimum deductible mileage is 1,000 miles for each product.   Therefore, your mileage account should be greater than or equal to 1,000 miles when you use this function.

  • Q21: Which discount offers cannot be used with mileage redemption?

    EVA SKY SHOP Pre-order E-COUPON.

  • Q22: Is mileage refundable while refunding products?

    Upon request, EVA AIR can refund mileage that is still valid when refunding.

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